Prep, style and finish. 

These are our building blocks to long lasting, amazing, salon quality styles. We take our time and emphasis quality.  Throughout the service, aside from working with talented stylists, you'll have the chance to experience the high performance of Aveda products and why they are the industry's leading products for hair, skin and body.


please note that the following services are listed at their starting prices and so prices may vary

wash, style and blowdry

junior stylist | $30

senior stylist | $40

Begin your wash, style and blow dry with an amazing stress-relieving treatment. 
We will then style your hair, working exclusively with our high-performance, natural, plant-based Aveda products.

formal styling

up-do | $50 to $75

curls | $50 to $65

please note that formal styling services do not include a wash - we ask guests to arrive with clean dry hair free of product and conditioner. 

full perm | $120

Create a beautiful curl pattern to your hair with a hair perm.
Your hair will remain healthy and look beautiful, as your perm can last up to 6 months.
The process is about 2 hours in length, but it may extend longer depending on the thickness of your hair. 

Beachy and beautiful hair can be yours this summer and you don't even have to go to the beach to get it! Our texture tonic is one of industry's best salt sprays as it is made with environmentally safe packaging, vegan friendly and actually works!