aveda hair colour:

Our burlington hair salon allows each talented hairstylist to be an artist using aveda hair colour that is formulated to be fade-resistant and full coverage using up to 96% naturally-derived ingredients. A plant-based approach to achieving unbelievably rich and vibrant hair colour with each formula as unique as the guest they are made for. Your hair will be infused with a signature blend of protective plant oils, including certified organic sunflower, castor, jojoba, coconut and babassu oils to help condition your hair. This means that when you work with aveda hair colour, you’ll have an essentially damage-free experience!

root touch-up| from $65

Aveda hair colour provides 100% grey coverage.

roots + highlights | from $120*

Root touch up with partial foils throughout top and sides of head.

*this service may require a toner

all over colour | from $80

Aveda hair colour is fade-resistant, full coverage and 100% permanent.

colour + highlights | from $130*

Base colour refresh with partial highlights throughout top and sides of head.

*this serivce may require a toner

highlights | from $95*

three levels of highlights:

  • partial highlights - $95* and up
  • half head highlights - $115* and up
  • full highlights - $130* and up

*these services may require a toner.

ombre highlights | from $115*

Ombre highlights are a dramatic, two-toned hair colour design that seamlessly fades from a darker root colour to lighter ends. Typically the darker root colour is your natural hair colour shade and the lighter ends are achieved with hair lightener.

  • partial ombre - from $115
  • full ombre - from $140

*these services may require a toner.

balayage highlights | from $115*

Balayage highlights can vary from natural to dramatic with fine highlights closer to your root that gradually thicken towards the ends of your hair. It creates a sun-kissed and a natural hair colour that is very low-maintenance, since the root area is meant to be darker.

  • partial balayage- $115 and up
  • full balayage - $140

*these services may require a toner.

toners | from $30

Typically used after the process of lightening your hair is complete. Often times your hair will pull a lot of yellow and brassy tones when your colour is lifted with lightener and so the toner will become an essential part of the hair colouring service, so that we can neutralize those unwanted tones.

*the cost of a toner will vary from guest to guest based on amount of hair

colour correction | $100/hr

When you want to start all over and correct previous work, a colour correction will be needed. This service usually requires double application and processing times, often times very lengthy. We initially schedule a consultation before your full service appointment. Our consultations allow us to determine approximate time and cost of the colour correction.

frequently asked questions:

What is a hair toner and why do I need one?

A very common scenario is when your desire is to lift colour (going blonde), the result of this bleaching process may be yellow/brassy tones. This is why a hair toner becomes an essential part of your hair colouring service as it neutralizes those unwanted tones. Keep in mind, our toners provide more than just correction – it will improve the condition of your hair with naturally derived ingredients infuse your hair with incredible shine that lasts up to 6 weeks.

Does dying your hair cause damage?

Most hair colour does damage your hair however Aveda hair colour is essentially damage-free as it is formulated with nourishing oils and naturally derived ingredients. Most damage occurs during the process of lifting colour (bleaching) as the cuticle is raised . Damage is experienced at this point because the texture of your hair changes. Even with Aveda lighteners (bleach) your hair can still maintain it’s health because our enlightener is formulated to be more gentle than conventional hair bleach - as it is designed to mimic the sun’s ability to lift colour.

Does Aveda colour have ammonia?

Ammonia is used to lift the cuticle and allows for better penetration of colour molecules. Aveda five different categories of colour that our stylists work with to accommodate each guest’s preference and desired hair goal and not all of them contain ammonia:

  • Full Spectrum Permanent hair colour creme - Low to High levels of ammonia-
  • Full Spectrum Deep - low to high levels of ammonia
  • Enlightenment blonding - low to high levels of ammonia-
  • Full Spectrum Demi Plus - none to low levels of ammonia, lasts up to 24 washes-
  • Men’s grey blending - none to low levels of ammonia, lasts up to 24 washes

Each colour category yields a different result and we have a talented team of hairstylists within our downtown burlington hair salon that work closely with aveda colour. Our promise is to deliver our best work each time - click here to book a new hair colour!

What is the difference between balayage highlights and ombre highlights?

Balayage is a style where the highlights are soft at the root and gradually thicken towards the ends. This creates a very natural and soft look, similar to the natural highlights we get from staying in the sun. Balayage highlights are less maintenance as the style works with a darker root and so as you grow your hair it’ll look better over time!

Ombre is a seamless graduation from a dark root to lighter ends, a two-toned hair colour. The ombre style is definitely a more dramatic style than the balayage technique and so would require more maintenance! An ombre requires a skilled professional because it can go bad very quickly with results looking very choppy - so it’s best to do your research or the corrective work could cost more than your initial appointment!

What is the difference between demi hair colour and a permanent hair colour?

The difference is in the level of colour penetration.

Demi hair colour Slightly raises the cuticle to allow some color penetration in the cortex and the cuticle. It will not alter the natural colour (melanin) in your hair and is used to add depth and tone to the hair.

Permanent hair colour Raises the cuticle to allow maximum penetration. It can Lighten, darken, and change tones to deliver maximum grey coverage. This means your natural hair colour will permanently be altered.