Colour can be the most exciting change in your look. Let our team help you discover a world of customization with hair colouring; where the guest and stylist have free range in creativity. 

We are just as excited as you are when it comes to creating a new look for you. Aveda hair colour comes in different variations, each formulated to target specific goals for our guest's hair colouring needs. 


the following services are listed at their starting price and do not include the cost of your finishing service.

men/women root touch up | $65

Need to cover your grey or just need to balance your colour? Our 30 minute root application will help you get there.

root touch up and partial highlights | $120

Cover your grey or touch up your root colour and add beautiful dimension with highlights and/or lowlights. 
This service may require a toner, additional $25

women's all over colour | $80

men's all over colour | $75

Freshen up your colour from roots to ends with Aveda's conditioning line of plant-derived colour. 

colour and partial highlights | $130

Balance your base colour from roots to ends and add dimensional highlights and lowlights.
This service may require a toner, additional $25

partial highlights | $95
half head of highlights | $110

full highlights | $130

Add some highlights and or low-lights to your hair - it's a great way to add dimension and/or brighten up a look.
Please keep in mind that a toner may be required for the desired look and it is an additonal cost of $25


partial balayage  | $110

full balayage  | $140

Balayage highlights are soft at the root and gradually thicken towards the ends. This creates a very natural and soft look,
similar to the natural highlights we get from staying in the sun. A balayage look may require a toner ($25)

partial ombre | $110

full ombre | $140

Ombre is a seamless graduation from a dark root to lighter ends. Ombre highlights may require a toner ($25)

colour corrections | $100 an hour

 Colour corrections require a stylist's full attention from start to finish.
There are many steps in correcting colour - we initially schedule a consultation before your full service appointment.
Our consultations allow us to determine approximate time and cost of the colour correction. 

men's grey blending | $25

A simple application of semi-permanent colour to fade and blend grey hair with your natural hair colour.
Requires very little processing time, which means quick finish time and results last for about 1 to 2 weeks. 

Men's colour made easy and quick with Aveda's new grey blending! Perfect for natural looking colour for men.