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+ root touch up

starting at $65

Need to cover your grey or just need to balance your colour? Our 30 minute root application will help you get there.

+ roots and partial highlights

starting at $120

Cover your grey or touch up your root colour and add beautiful dimension with highlights and/or lowlights. This service may require a toner, additional $25

+ all over colour

starting at $80

Freshen up your colour from roots to ends with Aveda's conditioning line of plant-derived colour

+ colour and partial highlights

starting at $130

Balance your base colour from roots to ends and add dimensional highlights and lowlights. This service may require a toner, additional $25

+ highlights

Partial | $95

Half Head | $110

Full Head | $130

Add some highlights and or low-lights to your hair - it's a great way to add dimension and/or brighten up a look. This service may require a toner, additional $25

+ balayage highlights

Partial |$110

Full head | $140

Balayage highlights are soft at the root and gradually thicken towards the ends. This creates a very natural and soft look, similar to the natural highlights we get from staying in the sun. A balayage look may require a toner ($25-$40)

+ ombre

Partial | $110

Full head | $140

Ombre is a seamless graduation from a dark root to lighter ends. Ombre highlights may require a toner ($25-$40)

+ colour correction


Colour corrections require a stylist's full attention from start to finish.

We initially schedule a consultation before your full service appointment.Our consultations allow us to determine approximate time and cost of the colour correction.

- FAQ’s -

+ what is a toner used for?

we tone hair to neutralize brassy tones and/or any unwanted yellow or orange from the hair when we lift (bleach/lighten) your colour.

aveda's formulation for toners allow guest to benefit from more than just colour refinement - the formula includes conditioning oils from sunflower seeds, jojoba and castor oil that restore the health of your hair.

the cost of a toner starts at $25

+ how long will aveda hair colour last? what about grey coverage?

aveda colour works to alter your colour by raising the cuticle to allow maximum penetration of colour molecules - this will permanently alter your natural hair colour.

colour will remain true, as long as it is not lightened and our full spectrum permanent colour line provides maximum grey coverage that does not fade unless it's lightened.

aveda colour contains green tea extract that makes our colour formula fade-resistent. there is some amazing science behind the power of plants and we have it here at keora, for you!

+ will aveda hair colour damage my hair?

aveda colour will not damage your hair - the formula includes conditioning blend of oils that restore the health of your hair, so your hair will have more shine and feel softer.

if you would like to treat damaged or dry hair, we recommend a botanical hair therapy treatment; it's the perfect add-on service to any colour or cut.

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+ what would I use to prevent fading of my hair colour?

we recommend aveda's colour conserve line of at home care products.

the entire product line feature green tea extract and anti-oxidants to protect against UV rays to accelerate colour fadage.