Our hair salon has up to 14 dual stylists working with both colour and cut services so you’ll be sure to find a hairstylist perfect for you! Our talented team consists of junior talent, senior and master stylists specializing in different hair types. Just what you’d expect from a full service aveda hair salon in downtown burlington!

women's cut and style | from $50

  • Junior - Salon Stylists - $50-$60
  • Senior - Master Stylists - $70-$75

men's cut | from $30

  • Junior & Salon Stylists- $30
  • Senior & Master Stylists - $40

children's cut | from $20

  • Girls 12 years and under - $20 to $40
  • Boys 15 years and under - $20 to $28

*please note that prices may vary depending on the amount of hair


hair styling:

We truly believe that beautiful hair is created with the right products and our products are what make the styling so effortless and beautiful. Click here to browse our collection of hair care products before your visit to our hair salon.

style and blowdry | from $30

Begin your wash, style and blow dry with our signature stress-relieving treatment. We will then style your hair, working exclusively with our high-performance, natural, plant-based Aveda products.

*Price will vary depending on the stylist and amount of hair.

formal styling | from $50

We ask our guests to arrive with clean dry hair free of product and conditioner. This will allow the hair to better take the curls and styling and ensure the longevity of the style.

  • Up-do - $60 to $85
  • Curls - $50 to 70

*Price will vary depending on the stylist, amount of hair and complexity of style

perms | from $120

Create a beautiful curl pattern to your hair with a hair perm. Your hair will remain healthy and look beautiful, as your perm can last up to 6 months.The process is about 2 hours in length.

frequently asked questions:

How much is a bang trim?

At Keora, we offer our guests a complimentary bang-trim after their hair cut service with us. Even though these services are less than 15 minutes, we still require a scheduled appointment before arrival.

If you didn’t already know of this complimentary offer, click here to schedule your bang trim! Guests without a history will be required to pay $10 (before taxes) for a bang trim. Also note, bang trims are only offered to guests with an existing bang/fringe.

I just need a trim, how much is that?

We do offer guests the option of a maintenance trim. This service requires a consultation with your stylist because it is a customized service and performed on dry hair that is not washed or styled – typically a 30 minute service.

If you are looking for a trim all over, we do consider that to be a full cut and so we ask our guests to refer to our cut and style category for pricing.

Click here to book an appointment at our downtown Burlington hair salon with an aveda-trained stylist!

Do you have any stylists who specialize in curly hair?

We have up to 16 stylists at our downtown Burlington hair salon and spa and although each of them have been trained in the cut and styling of curly hair, we have a few who really excel and understand the movement, style, and texture of curly hair!

  • Debbie
  • Jason
  • Kimberly
  • Angel

We truly are a salon near you that does everything. Click here to schedule your next cut and style with burlington's team of aveda trained stylists.