We always begin your service with a stress-relieving treatment that includes a head massage and neck massage with Aveda's composition oils. Followed by a purifying wash, exclusively working with Aveda shampoo and conditioners to continue the calming ritual with our signature aromatherapy. We finish the transformation with your cut and complimentary blowdry.

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+ women's cut and style

Junior stylist | $50

Salon stylists | $60

Senior stylists | $70

Master stylists | $75

+ men's cut

Junior or Salon stylists | $30

Senior or Master stylists | $40

+ children's cut and style


7 and under | $20

8 to 12 years old | $35


5 and under | $20

6 to 15 years old | $20 - $28

blowdry and styling

» wash, style and blowdry

Junior stylist | $30

Senior stylist | $40

Begin your wash, style and blow dry with our signature stress-relieving treatment. We will then style your hair, working exclusively with our high-performance, natural, plant-based Aveda products.

» formal styling

updo | $60 to $75

curls | $50 to $65

Please note that formal styling services do not include a wash - we ask guests to arrive with clean dry hair free of product and conditioner.

» full perm


Create a beautiful curl pattern to your hair with a hair perm.Your hair will remain healthy and look beautiful, as your perm can last up to 6 months.The process is about 2 hours in length, but it may extend longer depending on the thickness of your hair.

- FAQ’s -

+ how much does a bang trim cost?

we offer complimentary bang trims to all guests - just another way for us to show our appreciation!

please note that bang-trims are for clients with an existing bang/fringe and although they are short appointments, we do require an appointment to booked ahead of time.

+ what is the difference between a maintenance trim and a cut?

at keora we offer existing guests the option of a maintenance trim.

these appointments are customized for the guest by the stylist to suit their needs and performed on dry hair (this service does not include wash and style) - you can consult with your stylist to see if this would be an option for your hair style.

if you are looking for a full trim or a new cut and style, please refer to prices under the women's cut and style category

+ is the cost of my blowdry included in the cut?

at keora, your cut and style is priced according to the stylists level of experience and with this cost comes a complimentary style and blowdry. please note that the cost of your cut/style will remain the same, whether you chose to have a style blowdry or not