aveda facials:

Our burlington spa carries the power of plant extracts and ayurvedic principles to help your skin look and feel it’s best. We offer five different facials that tackle common concerns such as signs of aging, acne-prone skin, or just skin purification.

vitamin-c facial | $100

This effective vitamin-c facial will penetrate the skin barrier and infuse it with a healthy glow.Most importantly, it will boost your skins natural collagen production, while smoothing out dry, fine lines leaving your skin looking radiant. Our vitamin-c oil is lightweight and suitable for all skins types including acne-prone and sensitive skin.

1 hour and 30 minute facial treatment

signature facial | $90

Enjoy spending an hour and a half with us, while we use plant power to normalize and hydrate your skin to new levels. The customized Aveda masques applied use vitamins, minerals and proteins that have anti-aging, antioxidant anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This wonderful aromatic treatment leaves your skin balanced and radiant.

1 hour and 30 minute facial treatment

express facial | $60

This treatment is specifically designed to accommodate busy schedules. Targeting specific skin types to reduce stress, increase the micro-circulation around the delicate eye area, soften fine lines and improve skin texture and tone.

45 minute facial treatment

back facial | $80

Much like our Keora Signature Facial but for your back, this treatment will give you all the same benefits that you can expect of our professional services to those problem areas on the back and shoulders that may be acne prone.

1 hour facial treatment

frequently asked questions

What kind of products do you use?

we use the entire line of aveda skin care products - the line carries something for everyone, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or combination... aveda has the perfect plant-based and up to 95% natural products.

What is the difference between a vitamin-c facial and a plant perfecting peel facial?

the vitamin-c facial will help encourage and boost the synthesis of your own collagen production, we recommended guests continue doing vitamin-c facials to see the best results.

the plant perfecting peel facial will exfoliate the skin: retexturing, softening and brightening the skin - your results are instant. we recommend starting off with a skin consultation prior to booking your plant perfecting peel, to allow the professional to assess your skin.

What makes a facial important?

A facial includes extractions, steaming, facial massage, and potent plant derived products to renew your skin. Although the facial massage plays a key role in stimulating blood circulation to the facial muscles, most people don't place imporanance on it. The japanese use rollers at-home to stimulate collagen as they have discovered it's importaance to an anti-aging rotuine. Our extractions will help purify your skin, as the steaming unclogs your pores to allow better product penetration into the skin. Your skin will be in better condition when your facial is complete, that is our salon's promise. With this newly refreshed and rejuvenated skin, your at-home skin routine will become more effective.

How often do I need a facial?

Because we offer more than one type of facial, length of time between sessions will vary. Our plant perfecting peel should be done every 8-12 weeks whereas our signature facial can be done every 4-6 weeks. It is very important to mainain your skin care routine at home and follow instructioins given to you by your aesthetician.